How to Join

Joining the Connecticut B.A.S.S. Nation

A pretty simple process.

To become a member of our federation you must either join an existing club (check the club listing page) or form a new club with a minimum of 6 members. By doing either it will automatically enroll you in the federation and entitle you to all our member benefits and protect you under the BASS insurance coverage. Most clubs in the state are actively recruiting new members at this time and welcome new faces enthusiastically.

 If you want to join an existing club first thing you will need to decide is which club is for you. Picking one that meets nearest to you by checking our list of clubs here is a start. Picking the right club will be the next step. Some clubs may only fish a couple tournaments a year where other may have up to 12 scheduled for a year.  No matter which club you choose you are eligible to fish all of the C.B.N. tournaments.

Next just .give a quick call or email to the member listed next to the club or clubs you’re interested in and ask them whatever questions you may have. Some clubs maybe only looking for boaters, others maybe are looking for non-boaters and many clubs need both. You can set up a time to go to a club’s meeting to see if that club will be a fit for what you are looking for.

If you need help at anytime or just have a question about joining the C.B.N. or one of our clubs contact: Dave Miller | 203-243-2188 |

Club information from B.A.S.S. here