Until further notice:

Due to ct & deep guidelines for COVID we will be following these rules for now:
1. There will be no payouts at the ramp, your winnings will be mailed to you.
2. Masks must be worn & social distancing practiced at morning checking, launch and weigh ins until further notice!!!
3. Do not walk down to the check in table, drive down only, have your non-boater with you & register we will give you your boat number and agenda & you will launch.
4. Candlewood tournaments, there will be a person in charge at Latins to help to launch the boats from there at 7:00am to go to Squantz for registration.
5. There will be no gathering at the ramp in the am or pm. Arrive, meet your partner if you have one, and follow instructions on the agenda immediately.
6. Once you weigh in at the end of the day if launched at Latins, weigh in and return to Latins, if launched at Squantz you must retrieve your boat or equipment from your boater and leave.
7. No spectating allowed please!!!!
8. Trailer runners will be needed, please step up to help, we will do it safely!

Thank you in advance, time to fish & do it safely!
Vinny Mucci, CBM President & Tournament Director