We held our last T, #5 on Candlewood 09/10/23.

We accumulated points for those linked Anglers and Co Anglers for there best four Tournaments, the top three in each division move on to the 2024 Nationals (Location to be announced).

There was a three way tie for 3rd place Co Angler. The Tie was broken according to the CBN 2023 Tournament Rules for Angler of the year, using the #1 Tie Breaker, which is as follows:


Ties in the AOY standings will be broken:

  1. By the angler’s total weight for the year. ( We used only the weights from the four Tournaments they received points for)
  2. By the angler’s total number of fish for the year.
  3. By flip of a coin. The 4th through 12th place in each division will receive a Code from B.A.S.S. which should they choose to use it, will guarantee them early entry into an Open Style Qualifier ( TBA), for a fee, $400.00 Angler & $200.00 Co Angler. We would like to congratulate the following 2024 National Contenders:

1st-Noah Winslow
2nd -Garrett Kruger
3rd- Tom Graziano

–Co Anglers–
1st-Neil Talento
2nd-Brett Vernon
3rd- Mike Talaga

We would like to congratulate the Code Qualifiers also, they are:

Mickey Soler
Dave Maiorano
Tim Talento
Abe Kalechman
Scott Weiland
Mike Shay
Chris Panetta
Paul Baker
Erick Markstaller

–Co Anglers–
David Boyd
Joe Sodora
Gary Belanger
Joe Kowalski
Brian Pineau
Mike Giacco
Mike Wallace
Steve Sanders
Frank w

Joining them is our MR BASS Winners/Code Qualifiers

Bobby Vincenti

–Co Angler–
Gary Belanger

More info about the 2024 Nationals and Codes will be coming soon!

Thank you!!

Abe Kalechman, CBN Tournament Director