“Little child

Dry your crying eyes

How can I explain

The fear you feel inside”

Dateline: Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT

Comes a chance, for us, for all of us, to now put the “Kind,”

back in “Man.”

To do it in the memory of those lost.

But more importantly, to do it, for those of us left.

Yes Ashley, there is a bogeyman.

Yes Jimmy, there are monsters under your bed.

But know this please,

mommy and daddy are scared too.

“…what have we become?

just look what we have done

all that we destroyed

you must build again…”



Simple kindness.

Unconditional kindness.

Given, nothing expected in return.

It is time to stop the speeches, stop the pointing, stop the blame,

and turn to kindness.

The folks behind the 26 Angels Foundation have filled all the non-profit papers, got all the permits, and are making the signs for the 1st Annual 26 Angels Foundation, Non-Tournament Tournament.

A Non-Tournament Tournament…is a tournament of the soul.


Only benefit.

All the money raised by the boat registration, $300 a team, 2 people in a boat…all that money instead of buying prizes…all that money goes to help those suffering from the Sandy Hook tragedy.

And MAN, get closer once again, to KIND.

“When the children cry

let them know we tried…”

To the bogeyman.

To the monsters.

You may scare us, but we are not afraid of you, we will stand up to you, and we will do it together, no matter where we are, you do not make us hide alone, you bring us together.

And I’m going to give you proof, your turn to hide.

In spirit.

When you go to www.26angelsfoundation.org and sign up to fish the non-tournament, tournament you will see this:

“In Spirit”

By checking that box, and sending in your registration money, you can fish this tournament….

…from any body of water ON THE PLANET.

On May 5th, 2013…you can join 175 boats on Candlewood Lake to fish the tournament,

or fish it from your pond, your lake, that day.

And that Mr. Bogeyman.

And that Mr. Monster.


Where love, wins.

“…because when the the children sing

then the new world begins.”

When The Children Cry

White Lion