All CBN Members & Clubs

In addition to the current Lowrance Social Media Challenge Lowrance has issued another, please see below and attachments! PLEASE send to all your club members!
Please find attached another “Challenging” opportunity for not only your state to win substantial amounts of Lowrance products, but for your clubs and individuals to win as well! Most programs like this are for the state to win and sometimes it is hard to get the individuals and individual clubs to get involved. But this Insight Genesis B.A.S.S. Nation Challenge should help. The program is split into two groups, large and small B.A.S.S. Nations. The contest will award $20,000 in Lowrance product to the Large state that ends up on top, and $12,000 in Lowrance product to the top state in the Small division. They didn’t want to lump you all together and give the states with larger member numbers too much of an advantage.
Clubs can earn $3,000 of Lowrance product, awarded monthly.
Individuals that take part have the opportunity to win an HDS12, HDS9 or HDS7 in the monthly awards for the top three people respectively, and if they are the top person for the entire year, they will earn an all-expense paid fishing trip with one of the Lowrance Tour Pros. (I was told it would be an Elite Pro). Press release  Instructions