Sunday Oct 7th, 2018

Candlewood Lake, Squantz Launch 7:00am to 3:00pm

 Entry Fee $210.00 per team
(Lunker pool of $10.00 Included)
Morning Registration begins at 5:30am.
Applications will be accepted the morning of the tournament if the field is not full. (cash only) (50 Boat Permit)
There is an 8 fish limit and you will be allowed one courtesy measurement at the scales. Boat numbers will be assigned in order of postmark.

Payouts – 70% payback to the field
30% will be divided equally between The Robert S. Malloy and the CBN Scholarship Funds.
In consideration of being accepted in the CBN Scholarship Tournament, the undersigned hereby releases and discharges the CBN, it’s officers, all sponsors and hosts, from all claims, demands, rights of action, present or future, whether known anticipated or unanticipated and resulting from or arising out of, or incident to the undersigned’s participation in the CBN Scholarship Tournament.

Download Tournament Entry Form