I would like to call your attention, and that of your club, to our series of Warmwater Fisheries Discussions being held during the month of March.  We are taking on-line RSVP for each of the meetings via the links below.  We are also asking everyone to take a few minutes to respond to our warmwater fisheries questionnaire or 2020 Warmwater Preference Survey

The CT DEEP Fisheries Division is hosting Five Public discussions to seek your input on Connecticut’s warmwater fisheries (Bass, Pike, Walleye, Catfish, Panfish, Carp). Similar to the trout and salmon discussions held in October of 2019, these face-to-face discussions will help us to shape the future of warmwater fishing.

We would love to see you at one of these dates. Please RSVP using the link for the appropriate date and venue below.

3/9, Monday, 7-9 pm, Franklin Wildlife Management Area, North Franklin (Capacity 40). RSVP Franklin

3/12, Thursday, 7-9 pm, Quinebaug Hatchery, Plainfield, (Capacity 25).  RSVP Quinebaug

3/14, Saturday, 3-5 pm, Kellogg Environmental Center, Derby, (Capacity 75).  RSVP Kellogg

3/16, Monday, 7-9 pm, Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area, Burlington, (Capacity 100).  RSVP Sessions Woods

3/20, Friday, 7-9 pm, CT Parks and Forest Association Headquarters, Middlefield, (Capacity 35). RSVP CT Forest and Parks Association