CBN Juniors


B.A.S.S. Junior Nation


Connecting young anglers with the outdoors. Developing responsible champions of our natural resources through the sport of fishing. Creating opportunity for character development, education and values uniquely found within the sportsmanship etiquette and integrity of this national pastime.  In the junior division, we focus less on the competition while providing a hands on approach in all aspects of this great sport.



The attachement has 6 tabs.  The final standings and a tab for each of the 5 tournaments.

Thanks to all the boys who fished this year.  It was another successful junior season.

Congratulations to Noah and Emmett for making the 2013 State Team!

A HUGE, SPECIAL thanks to all the boat captains who volunteered thier time to take these kids fishing.




2013 CBN Juniors Standings

2013 Juniors




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